Our Story

Ok. So a little about us... First of all Catharine Kurtz Photography is a team of two, Catharine and Wayne. We are married. Have been married for 42 years—wow I don't feel that old! We are still best friends and work great together (mainly cause Wayne knows who is boss!). For our wedding—back in the day— we had a friend take photos and didn't hire a professional photographer. I love the photos we have of that special day but I would dearly love to have had beautiful photos taken. Something artful and timeless. This has a lot to do with my passion to capture the beauty and emotion of wedding stories.

My journey to becoming a wedding and family photographer has been one filled with joys and sorrows. I have spent most of my life enjoying artistic endeavors. Photography, graphic design, watercolor painting, video graphics... Photography took a back seat for a while and then when our son was fighting cancer a few years ago I brought photography back into my life to help fill in some joy. Tragically, our son lost his fight with cancer a couple of years ago. We miss him every day. We are blessed to have another son and a daughter.

I find joy in the sparkling eyes of children, especially my 6 grandchildren. I see it in the faces of the young couples in love starting their journey together as husband and wife. The joy is there as the new parents are tenderly embracing their newborn child and as the family continues to grow and we document their moments together. That joy is present in the love of elderly couples in a way that is truly remarkable. Their wisdom and life experiences show in their lovely faces and the depth of their life shines in their eyes. This is why I am a professional photographer.

My greatest hope is that you will give us the honor to be a part of your story.